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Emphyrio is a alias choosen by
Onsia Patrick after a novel
by Jack Vance.

Patrick lives in Belgium, Mechelen and his native language is Dutch...
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Onsia Patrick



A list of good tutorials.

De meeste tuts zijn in het Engels. Indien er goede nederlandstalige cursussen zijn zet ik ze erbij.
Weet je nog goede en vooral duidelijke cursussen ? Meldt het me dan even ;)
C#, .Net ASP.Net MS SQL Server 2008
C# Fundamentals Create a ASP.Net 4.0 website Msdn
C Station Asp.Net quackit.com
Dreaming Code   Scribd (Nl)
SQL CE 3.5
IVO Brugge (Nl) SQLCE 3.5 Database  
BackgroundWorker Threads Beginner's Guide to SQL Server Compact  
Creating a DLL using Visual C# Deploy a SQL Server Compact 3.5 Database with an Application  
Visual C# .NET Programming The Connection String Reference x86 (Intel) Machine Code
C# Net (You Tube) Create a SQL Server Compact Edition Database with C#  
Teach Yourself C#    
Choosing the Right Collection Class    
Installing MonoDroid for Visual Studio 2010    
Programming in C# 2010    

Web building
Handleiding HTML (Nl) W3School Online Handleiding CSS (Nl)
Web Garden (Nl) IVO Brugge (Nl) IVO Brugge (Nl)
W3School Online How to make a fav-icon? W3School Online
Set Up a Music Website    

C# Snippets
DateTime format Listing Files & Folders in a directory Security Changes in the .NET Framework 4
Browsing for a file using OpenFileDialog Create a database (vid) How to save images to a local database (vid)
TabControl Elevate Vista UAC Detecting USB Drive Removal
Design Guidelines for Developing Class Libraries Clear IE cache C# Code Snippets
Delete Locked Files in C# Determine Which .NET Framework Versions Are Installed The Windows Registry in C#
Stop Hijacking my Browser!

[TUT]Serialize Objects to a File
(How to cope with restart your app)

Basic Reading and Writing JSON
Deserializing JSON with Json.NET JSON C# Class Generator Read and parse a Json File in C#










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