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About the Author

Emphyrio is a alias choosen by
Onsia Patrick after a novel
by Jack Vance..

Patrick lives in Belgium, Mechelen and his native language is Dutch...
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Onsia Patrick



Projects...what are they?

A set of idea's and howto's.. going from software development till webdesign, thru forum management.

The Index

  • Security Forum Management
  • Software Development Strategie
    • How do I start?
    • What do I need?
    • What now?
  • Malware Study Cases
    • So you are a Qualified Helper* now?
  • Others


* Qualified Helper: A person that has successfully ended a course in log reading and malware removal.
Those courses are given by well know and respected Security Forums. For a list of English Hijack Schools, look at the list on this webspage.












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