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Emphyrio is a alias choosen by
Onsia Patrick after a novel
by Jack Vance.

Patrick lives in Belgium, Mechelen and his native language is Dutch...
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Onsia Patrick



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.NET app compiled for "x86":
Always 32-bit
On 32-bit platforms, accesses 32-bit registry
On 64-bit platforms, accesses 32-bit registry (inside Wow6432Node)
64-bit registry inaccessible (without doing something weird)

.NET app compiled for "x64"
Always 64 bit
On 32-bit platforms, won't run
On 64-bit platforms, accesses 64-bit registry (not inside Wow6432Node)
If you want to get to the 32-bit registry, you need to do something weird

.NET app compiled for "AnyCpu"
Either 32 or 64 bit depending on platform
On 32-bit platforms, accesses 32-bit registry
On 64-bit platforms, accesses 64-bit registry (not inside Wow6432Node)

NET 4.0 has updated mscorlib to include the "Microsoft.Win32.RegistryView" enum which includes:
Registry.Default, Registry.Registry32, Registry.Registry64.

This eliminates the need to call the unmanaged RegOpenKeyEx in advapi32.dll via P/Invoke; thus, the process is now managed.
The Registry.Default will obviously use the RegistryView for the bitness of the .exe it is running in - NOT the bitness of the OS.
Remember that if you compile to "AnyCPU" and run on x64, your inherently using Registry64.

A sample of how to use this follows:

// Use the default bitness of the .exe
var registryBase = RegistryKey.OpenBaseKey( RegistryHive.LocalMachine, RegistryView.Default );

// Use the 32-bit (WOW) registry
var registryBase32 = RegistryKey.OpenBaseKey( RegistryHive.LocalMachine, RegistryView.Registry32 );

// Use the 64-bit registry
var registryBase64 = RegistryKey.OpenBaseKey( RegistryHive.LocalMachine, RegistryView.Registry64 );

Registry.Registry32 will navigate to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node".
Note that you can access Registry.Registry32 from a 64-bit app if necessary.
However, access to Registry.64 is NOT permitted from a 32-bit app!


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