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About the Author

Emphyrio is a alias choosen by
Onsia Patrick after a novel
by Jack Vance.

Patrick lives in Belgium, Mechelen and his native language is Dutch...
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Onsia Patrick



Welcome !

It has been time to setup a website with my personal preferences, notes and web experience. There is so much information gather all over the Net, that we easily could loose sight on it.
Focus can be of great importance....

Why in English ?

To reach a broad audience its all most a necessity. Further more, I like to think that when it comes to well documented information, its been read by people who understand the language. English is also the native language when it comes to programming ;)

It is also my hope this can be of any help for all the Devs and Helpers out there.

What do I do ?

Web building (XHTML & CSS 3.0)
Programming (C#, .Net 4.0)
Malware analyses and research*
Making music

* If you are in need of any assistance regarding malware removal, take a look at Anti Malware Help (Ned/Eng).












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